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When Television Becomes More Expensive

Friday, March 18, 2011

Association fees are a standard requirement of owning condos like Las Olas Beach Club.  There are maintenance fees that must be paid or fees for extra perks like cable television.  When it comes to the latter, what happens when a provider decides to hike up its fees?  Who's responsibility is it to take care of paying those extra dollars each month?

Your first stop should be to read up on the Bulk Service Agreement, a contract detailing what the financial obligations are between a condo association like Las Olas Beach Club and the cable or satellite television company providing the service.  This agreement (which you can request a copy in writing) should detail whether the cable provider has acted improperly by hiking up the fees required of an owner. If extra charges are legally due, the contract should also mention who's responsible for paying up.

In this case, Las Olas Beach Club is only used as an example but make sure that you understand the fine print before scoffing when a provider decides to add on an extra fee for additional channels or receivers with fancy new features.

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